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Fan Girl

Posted on: June 29, 2013

My fan girling experience was pretty much memorable. Being a fan girl is very hard

Are you fan girl or fan boy of a artist, group, troupe, or a band? Did they follow you on Twitter or Facebook? Did you screamed or freaked out? 

But, have you ever go to their mall shows, or concerts LIVE? Seeing them in person? Have you take a picture with them on their meet&greets? 

Lucky for you if you go to his/her/their concerts and seeing them in person.

Me? Yes, I mean NO

Seeing him/her/them in person, going to their concerts, take a picture with them, I didn’t experienced it(yet).

Being a fan girl is really really hard. You can’t see them in person but to stalked or get updates everyday on the internet. Especially, when you are a fan of an international artist or a group. 

Hard, isn’t it?


*name of your favorite*


What’s the first name of your favorite? Is that the first name you can ever think of? Isn’t he/she or Aren’t they perfect? Will you ever see them in person? Maybe.


What would do if you ever see him/her/them in person?  Would you faint? Will you say ‘OMG OMG OMG’ , ‘*name* here!’ , ‘I can’t breathe’ ?

Buying or downloading their songs, collecting posters or magazines (they are in it), going to their shows, have a picture with them or edit a fake picture with them, freaking out if they notice(d) you, stalking them… well that’s life of a fan girl (or fan boy).

But hey, never say never! 🙂 



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